'Convex dark window', 2019

(oil on board, diameter: 19cm) 

This second painting is part of a triptych of three small circular works that are meant to look like warped reflections in round convex mirrors. 


I have quite an obsession with the depiction of convex mirrors in art (like in 'The Arnolfini Portrait' and 'A Goldsmith in His Shop') and I wanted to see if I could paint one not just as a prop in a painting but as the whole painting. I used reference photos taken with a fisheye lens and I wanted them to be very smooth and blended like the surface of a real mirror rather than textured with brush strokes. This one felt like an echo of the feeling in my other painting ‘Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all’. The main difficulty was cutting out the panels and then laboriously sanding them down into circles.